Sunday, August 16, 2009

Building Cyanogen's android source

After finished playing with the official master branch, I went on to check out Cyanogen's modified tree. After checking it out, I had to modify build/core/tasks/ to read
values_resource_files := $(-- $(foreach elem, $(all_resource_files), $(shell echo $(elem) | \
tr -s / | \
tr " " "\n" | \
grep -E "\/values[^/]*/(strings.xml|arrays.xml)$$" | \
grep -v -E -e "-[a-zA-Z]{2}[/\-]")))

because otherwise I would get an error saying too many arguments are passed to /bin/bash


  1. Hello

    How did you obtain cyanogen's modified tree? His github only has portions of the tree. Did the build work?

  2. Hi

    I just grabbed the original source of android and then included cyanogen's local manifest file. Then repo sync and everything worked like a charm.

  3. @ambient-mortality, I just blogged something about that... maybe you'll find it useful: