Friday, July 31, 2009

Ubuntu's default firefox search

So I have been using Karmic for a while now and I recently noticed that Ubuntu folks have changed the default search engine from plain old Google to Google custom search. How did I notice? I frequently use Google's built-in calculator to find out info about a great variety of things, like currency conversion:
The above is what I usually expect. It spits out a quick result with the obligatory disclaimer underneath it. Then some search results appear below it, which 99% of the time are totally uninteresting once I get the actual information I was looking for. These days the same search query produced an output like this:
Needless to say, this is does not really satisfy my needs. Now I don't have problems with these kinds of ads, my problem is that the calculator result is omitted. Hidden. Left out. So I went on and tweaked some settings like the keyword.url in about:config to no avail. My last attempt was to replace the default search engine with one of my "own" plain old google search plugins. Actually, I haven't managed to do this. Instead, I tried to add the plugin by another name, then use it instead of the ubuntu-supplied one. For this I have put up a simple web page with a stupid javascript that adds a new search plugin, which actually worked, so the story ends here.


  1. Anything in the ubuntu/firefox changelog indicates this behavior?

    Have you filed a bug report?

  2. I've skimmed through the ubuntu supplied changelog in /usr/share/doc/firefox-3.5/changelog.Debian.gz and didn't find anything related, so I dared not to open a ticket :)