Thursday, July 16, 2009

Usable UI

It's been a long and busy time since the last post which involved me getting my Masters degree, but now I'm back to coding.

The README file which is on hackage goes on about a version that is to be released by the end of May, but well, it didn't make it (partly because I didn't want to upload an unusable program full of bugs).

Now I'm concentrating on usability, then I'll get back to bugfixing. Most of the time I'm getting myself familiar with GTK concepts including glade and the gtk2hs bindings, we'll see what evolves from this. Here's a screenshot for now which shows the planned UI for 0.4:

It shows the weak root normal form of an expression which computes prime numbers by the sieve of Eratosthenes. What's important is that there's a
  • menu bar at the top (which is currently a noop but I plan to make it usable)
  • navigation buttons at the top left (these are working, hooray!)
  • a map at the bottom left showing your current position in the rewriting process (this is a tree which should not be upside down, with a blue spot marking the current position)
  • and of course the main view
At the moment only the main view and navigation buttons work flawlessly, I still have some plumbing to do on the others.

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